Welcome to the Christianity Meme Web Site
These pages espouse a point of view about religions in general, but Christianity in particular.  Our thesis is as follows:
  • Christianity is a meme--a mind virus that lives in the minds of people and is spread through proselytization and other means.
  • Christianity is a meme about God, but it has no other connection to God.
  • The Christianity Meme has been shaped purely by natural selection--the law of survival of the fittest--as it has played out in human minds. It is a sophisticated product of cultural evolution.
  • Being a "true Christian" infected by the Christianity Meme will subject you to aid its survival through its adaptations that allow it to exert control over human behavior.
  • As a consequence, the more Christian you are the more you are prone to certain kinds of immoral behavior. The Christianity Meme is not bound by the moral principles it carries.
  • We seek to expose Christianity for what it is and we advocate a conscious and rational approach to morality in its place.

About Christianity Meme

Christianity Meme is an organization of people who wish to expose Christianity for what it really is--a mind virus that controls human behavior to facilitate its own survival. As such, it is a living, but unconscious player in human affairs. Warning: This site is unabashedly against the Christianity Meme. We consider promoting this viewpoint as an act of philanthropy. This site is maintained by volunteers as part of our effort. If you would like to join us, please write us at webmaster@ChristianityMeme.org, Please note, however, that we are about 6 months backlogged in responding to e-mails.